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Gaudio Law, P.C. will help you settle your divorce and get on with your life

Divorces are commonly very disruptive to individuals and the whole family. Gaudio Law, P.C. always works to provide you with the legal advice and the confidence you need to settle your divorce and get on with your life. A divorce does not need to emotionally and financially destroy you and your family. Gaudio Law, P.C will identify the primary issues in your case and lead you through the process.  Alicia Gaudio has years of litigation experience and promises to provide you with excellent legal representation.

Why Is a Divorce Law Firm Necessary?

Every aspect of the law has its own unique aspects and challenges. Divorce is no different. If you are considering an end to your marriage, please consult with an experienced divorce lawyer at Gaudio Law, P.C.  Matrimonial law is not only complex enough to require an attorney who specializes in it but the challenges for both the client and attorney are stressful and daunting.  It is not recommended to represent yourself in a divorce and when you seek out an attorney, choose someone with whom you are comfortable, and with years of experience in divorce law and courtroom work. A skilled divorce attorney will assist you at every step along the way, save you time and energy, and provide you with a better end result.

The Gaudio law firm will help you deal with the divorce process in the following ways:

  • Preliminary investigation: An attorney will discuss your case with you and determine if you have the grounds for divorce. Then we will explain in detail the divorce process, what you will be required to do, and what you should expect as a likely and reasonable outcome.
  • Filing for divorce: We will guide you through filing the initial documents to start a divorce action and file your Summons and Verified Complaint with the Westchester County Clerk’s Office located in White Plains.
  • Division of property and assets: We will advise you on the division of your property and assets that you and your spouse have accumulated over the course of your marriage. And well will explain how separate property, if any, and marital property will be treated.
  • Child custody and Access: When children are involved, a divorce may become emotional and hostile. Our divorce lawyers here in Westchester County will assist you in resolving any child custody and access issues in a manner which works best for you and your family.

When you need assistance filing for divorce, Gaudio Law, P.C. will provide experienced legal assistance that you can trust.

Our Practice Areas

Contact our legal team about any of the following:

At Gaudio Law, P.C, we have years of experience in the entire range of domestic law including pre-nuptial agreements, post-judgment modifications, and enforcements. We always seek a resolution that is in the best interest of your family.

Our Westchester County Divorce Lawyers Are Always Here for You

Alicia Gaudio is an advocate for your cause but also compassionate and sensitive to this very difficult time.  When children are involved, we always advise on what is in their best interests.  Divorce is all too often a complex and highly charged matter that can affect so many areas of life.  Ms. Gaudio fully understands the legal difficulties of these complex family problems and she treats each case on its own unique merits.  We promise to always give you the personal attention your matter deserves and we will dispense our advice in a cost-effective manner.  And, if an agreeable settlement cannot be reached, we have the experience and skills to take your case to trial and obtain the best result possible.

Gaudio Law, P.C. is eager to help you in navigating any and all aspects of family law. We look forward to providing you with the skill and experience that you deserve.

Contact the divorce lawyers of Gaudio Law, P.C. today to talk about any mediation questions you may have.  We work primarily with clients in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Bronx, and New York counties. Call us at 914-514-8100 or use the Quick Contact form on this page.

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