Legal Separation in Westchester County

Gaudio Law, P.C. can closely examine your particular divorce case, the benefits of a legal separation agreement, and explain the implications for you[/caption]

As an alternative to a divorce, you and your spouse might want to consider a legal separation. Our experienced divorce law firm can help you decide if a separation agreement is right for you. If you decide upon a legal separation, you and your spouse will live apart from each other but will still be legally married. You will need to understand that a legal separation does not necessarily end up automatically in a divorce. 

A separation agreement may be written and executed in order to resolve the following issues:

  • Child custody and support
  • Division of assets and property
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Parental Access
  • Distribution of Debts
  • Distributive awards for non-liquid assets

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Legal Separation Benefits

There are many benefits of legal separation over a traditional divorce. While divorce may become hostile and result in dissolution of the marriage, a legal separation may be less traumatic. A legal separation in New York can offer these benefits:

  • You can keep the ability to file joint income taxes
  • You may wish to keep your marital status for religious reasons
  • It may allow you to maintain insurance benefits on the coverage of your spouse
  • The separation agreement can be converted into a divorce in a Westchester Country divorce judgment


Contacting a Legal Separation Attorney

Separation can be very difficult. Contact a divorce lawyer who has experience with legal separations. An attorney with experience in separations will be able to draft an agreement that both you and your spouse can agree to. Gaudio Law, P.C., will closely examine your particular case and the potential benefits of a legal separation, and we will thoroughly explain all of the implications.

The Family Law attorneys of Gaudio Law, P.C. can help you decide if a legal separation agreement is right for your situation.

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